The Kings of Bergen

It is a late April Friday, well into spring. It's cloudy, and the rain stays scarce. We're in lovely Bergen, running a bit late for the sold out show. I've been looking forward to this ever since I had my hand on the precious tickets. Kings of Convenience, on their home turf.

We end up outside this old dated mason building, painted in an orange like colour. Det akademiske kvarter (the academic quarter) - loaded with lots of rooms for student entertainment. Waiting in line, we realise, we should have left the hotel earlier - but all's fair in love and war. Though admittedly being late for our lovely Kings does border close to a death sin in my mind.

After we have our hands stamped, we enter a room swarming with people, number increasing steadily. To much dismay, there seemed to be a rather large number of gentlemen that were a considerable amount taller than my self. And unfortunately, my stature is rather low to begin with (which is what I will use as my excuse for my poorly taken photograph). In the middle of the room, there's a small stage. It has been relocated for this very concert, for more of us to see. The Kings have been here before.

As our two good old favourites entered the stage, most people were so kind as to quiet down. Except for a few specimens, that seemed to have a discussion more important than enjoying the delicate strummings of their, at first, slow tunes (I do wonder what could have been of such utter importance). The band continued to play a fair choice from all albums, steadily increasing the rhythm. As far as I'm concerned, it really turned into a full-on rock 'n' roll concert in the end. Stepping a bit away from their usual delicate touches, and into the wild realm of uninhabited guitar play. I really wish I could back up this impression of mine with subsequent videos, alas I was lost in the crowd, getting half a glimpse every once in a while, when the gentlemen in front of me were caught up in dancing.

However I have been so lucky as to find a video posted on Youtube, which follows:

I had a really nice concert experience, as I always do with the Kings. Always finding new approaches to the audience, and new ways for us to appreciate and enjoy their lovely music. As for this concert, I really loved the raw energy they managed to created on a rather small stage, in a warm small room, with lots of people. At one point, Erlend actually struggled to open a window behind the stage - and while doing that, asking the people to invite their friends that didn't have tickets, to listen out on the street. Their quirkiness really gets to me sometimes. Such charm.

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Mystifistiske May

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