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Kings of Convenience, Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Friday November 20th 2009


It was a pretty ordinary day... No, wait. It wasn't. It was a day I'd been waiting for the last few years. Not since i first saw the "I'd Rather Dance With You" video on television and discovered a tune that brought on a particullary good mood. No. But it's still a long time ago. It's the year I (re)discovered Kings of Convenience's true brilliance. I had bought Riot on an Empty Street so it must have been after 2004. But it wasn't right after the release either. But I can't remember the exact date or time of year for that matter. What was in the air before me was "two soft voices blended in perfection" along with beautiful acoustic guitarplay and some violin and piano thrown in every once in a while. It is beautiful; melancholic, but intoxicating through their subtle accentuation of the beauty in everyday life. Some percent technique and talent, very many percent creativity and soul. The riot on the empty street handed me a new idea. Quiet is the new loud. After endless nights of anger and Nirvana, my mind is suddenly attached to the quietness of the convenient kings. And this record does it for me even more so than any other record has before. This record thrusts away all other music, and makes room for silence, for quietness.

The quietness has become the kings' trademark. The two of them are the revelation of quiet. At the same time they are alluring with their tempting beats and record label pleasing "hits". Though I dislike using that word. They develop stainless albums through pure perfectionism. But that's why we love them. That's why I love them. They make songs to which I can cry smilingly. They provide me with a favourite band from my home country. They provide me with melancholia and joy at the same time.

Back to my not so ordinary day. Through my reminiscence, the night has fallen upon Oslo city. After embarrassing band member Eirik to a large degree by asking for a photograph, I turn my blushing cheeks towards the stage. It's my first concert with the kings. It's like I've never attended a concert before this night. I'm new in a world filled with people surrounding me. Suddenly the whole assembly dissapears into the darkness as two relatively ordinary guys enters the stage with their guitars. Strumming away on a quiet song from their new album, and I'm positively crying, covered in goosebumps and smiling. Despite my height, I can see them both perfectly and up close. They are both wearing nice shirts. I imagine that this is a big occasion to them, playing Oslo for the first time in a long while. I'm wearing my best dress.

They've put together an amazing composition of old and new melodious masterpieces; 24-25, You in Me, Homesick, Cayman Islands and so forth; by and by escalating the pace and intensity. If you were there, you would definitely testify to an unbelievably close interaction between performers and audience. The listeners are allowed to enter the music along with the band, and just delight in a beauty that only can be found in notes and tones. You sing along at your own and the bands will, try to clap your hands or snap your fingers to the beat. The delightful ambience also brings out a considerable amount of humour from the band, and laughter hangs loose after a number of random but loveable scene pranks. The highlight of the evening is reached when Mr. Erlend himself jumps out on the audience and travels among them singing "I'd Rather Dance With You". The crowd goes wild!

All the while I'm standing there; smiling and enjoying. I can very easily tell you that this is, and will forever be, the most fantastic concert experience I've ever had! And I'm lucky to have taken part in this amazing experience. This is truly my best example of my love for music. I hope everybody in this group get to share this with me. The kings are unbelievable in concert.

Thank you, o magnificent kings! Thank you, guitars, producer and bassist Davide, violinist Tobias, fellow spectators for keeping the camera blitzing at a civillized level. I have finely crossed an important point on my list of things to do before I die. Thank you. And goodbye.

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01.des.2009 kl.13:45

Sentrum Scene var et godt valg av bandet lydmessig, men de gir fortsatt like god lyd p en skikkelig festivalscene ogs - s du trenger ikke bekymre deg for det om en festivalkonsert blir eneste mulighet i fremtiden. Blir nok lenge til de kommer i "nrheten" igjen, s for min del var det hele verdt den summen jeg mtte ut med for fly/hotell bare for oppleve de en gang til. :)

Mystifistiske May

01.des.2009 kl.21:30

Den vidunderlige stillheten kan vel like enkelt oppns i en park p Mosjen, som en hall i New York. S lenge gutta og gitarene deres er tilstede faller alle brikker p plass. Og man kan bare eksistere og nyte :)

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